Retraining courses for civil servants who were first appointed to a senior administrative public position (full-time training)

I. Leadership and emotional intelligence

1 Лидерство и эмоциональный интеллект Case study
2 Oratorical skills Case study
3 НR management Training, Case study
4 Management Economics Case study
5 Managing strategic and program documents. Strategic thinking. Case study
6 Negotiation and conflict management Training, Case study

II. Unified competence framework (“B” level)

7 Cooperation Training, Case study
8 Time and stress management Training, Case study
9 Self-development Training, Case study
10 Responsibility and initiative Training, Case study
11 Customer orientation and informing Training, Case study
12 Integrity. Anti-corruption culture. Training, Case study
13 Activity management and decision-making Training, Case study

III. The competences of the future

14 Information and cybersecurity Training, Case study
15 Digital public administration Training, Case study
16 Communication management Training
17 Design thinking Case study
18 Technology management (ргоjесt and сhаnge management) Training,
19 Co-working on project work Consultation
20 Coaching and mentoring Training, Case study
21 Making decisions based on big data Training, Case study
22 Official letter based on Latin graphics Training, Case study

IV. Regional component

23 Regional policy: tools for building a strong region Training, Case study
24 Ethnopolitics: regional practice Interactive discussion
25 Practice of applying legislation in the field of public procurement Interactive discussion

V. The Final knowledge control

26 Project work Presentation of the project

Available times:

 1-group: 03 – 21 February

2-group: 11-29 May

3-group: 9-27 November

Course duration: 3 weeks


  Bekentaeva Alma Bolatovna

Branch of the Academy in Akmola region

Acting head of the educational programmes development and implementation office of

Phone: 8 (7162) 25 64 42