Project activities are getting deeper into our professional and educational sphere.

Project activities are getting deeper into our professional and educational sphere.

The project from the Latin means ‘thrown forward, protruding, outstanding idea, plan’.

On February 28, Trainees of retraining courses for civil servants who first entered the administrative state service of the “B” corps presented their projects:

  • Mothers support club with many children “Isker Ana”.
  • Social and cultural support program for elderly people in rural areas “Adal nie”
  • The volunteer movement “AQMOLA DENSAYLYQ OLKESI”.
  • Development and holding of “Open days in the state body” for high school students
  • Development and implementation of the program of the volunteer movement “Purity of nature begins with me”
  • Development and implementation of a program of educational activities to raise awareness and anti-corruption culture for residents of rural districts (Sandyktau district)
  • Creation of the volunteer children’s development club “Island of adventures”
  • Creation of the “Joy of life” center to support large families.
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive training program to increase public confidence and improve the image of civil servants.
  • Creating a model “Center for receiving citizens’ requests»
  • Creating a children’s corner in government agencies to improve the comfortable environment of service recipients.

One of the important requirements for a successful project is the support of the society. 

The experts evaluated the completeness, specificity, and logic of planning research activities.

At the end of the course, all students were satisfied with the work accomplished, and noted the importance of project activities in the Branch.

 Students received the knowledge necessary not only for work, but also for expanding their own horizons.

We wish everyone successful implementation of projects and effective application of the acquired knowledge in practice!