From September 15 to 17, a seminar is being held in the  Akmola regional Branch of APA:”Basic foundations of ethnomediation and ethnopolitics”.

 At the seminar, the followings are studied and analyzed:

  • Basic foundations of conflictology. Conflicts involving different ethnic groups on

the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan: classification and analysis. The information component

of the conflict. The language of enmity. Ethnosteriotypes.

  • Methods and methods of settlement of interethnic conflicts. Mobile discussion – consent/non-consent. Behavior styles of ethnomediators in conflict resolution.
  • Features of the negotiator’s personality. Communication barriers.
  • Profiling leaders in the crowd.
  • Development of recommendations for conflict resolution and rules for effective dialogue in a multinational environment.
  • Operational psychodiagnostics. Personality type. Accentuation of personality.
  • Drawing up a psychological portrait of a person.
  • Psychological features of an individual’s behavior in a crowd. “Infectability”, “Unconsciousness”, “Amorphousness”. Factors of influence on an individual in a crowd.