Branch of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan of Akmola Region announces the recruitment of students for July 2020.

For the following workshops:

20-22 July “The practice of applying public procurement.”

July 23
“Algorithm of actions of a civil servant in emergency situations” (natural disasters, fires, anti-terror)

July 27-31
“Local self-government and transition to the IV level of the budget” (in the state language)

July 27-29, “Management of communal property.”

29-31 July “Efficiency and optimization of business processes in the akimat of the rural district.”

Seminars are designed for civil servants, individuals, representatives of the quasisector, etc.

Seminars will be held on online platforms, in the format of interactive discussions, group presentations, trainings, etc.

The trainers of our seminars are:
Lecturers of the Academy Branch and invited practice lecturers, specialists from various fields of knowledge.

This seminars will allow participants to enhance their practical skills!

Our students have post-training support for the seminar within 2 weeks after its completion.

Applications are accepted 15 days before the workshop.

At the end of the seminar, a certificate is issued.

We invite you to our seminars!
 Contacts on the organization of seminars:
Tel of the Branch in Akmola region
Whatsapp: +7 (705) 42 63 396
8 (7162) 25-64-42