In his Address to the people of the country “Kazakhstan in a new reality: time for action” dated September 1, 2020, the Head of State Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev announced the need for direct elections of rural akims(heads of administrations of cities of regional significance, villages, townships and rural districts) starting from 2021.

This initiative is aimed at the consistent implementation of a package of key policy reforms related to the decentralization of public administration through the introduction of the ubiquitous practice of local self-government institutions.

On July 25, 2021, elections for rural akims were held in Kazakhstan for the first time. In 14 regions, at 1,845 polling stations, voters chose 730 akims (heads of administrations of cities of regional significance, villages, townships and rural districts) from 2,172 candidates, whose four-year terms were expiring.

Elections are an important institution of modern democratization of society, an expression of the will of the people, one of the main forms of their participation in public administration.

In this regard, in a changing world, it is necessary to acquire new skills, develop new competencies.

From October 4 to October 22, 2021, newly elected akims are being trained at the Branch of the APA in Akmola region.

The following is studied at the seminar:

Strategic and programmatic documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan: national priorities.

Local self-government in the Republic of Kazakhstan: modern reforms.

Planning and management of the rural budget.

Public procurement.

Management of communal property.

Management of tax revenues to the rural budget.

Norms of the Administrative Procedure Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Hearing state: effective communication.

Effective team management.

Social networks and SMM in community work and much more.

Special attention is paid to the study of PROJECT MANAGEMENT.⠀

In general, project activities are aimed at making improvements to the operational activities of any area. The purpose of the design work is to solve a specific problem in a short time.

Classes are conducted by certified trainer-consultants and practitioners from various industries.