ATTENTION! Vacancies!

Branch of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Akmola region

announces vacancies for

lecturers/trainers to conduct training modules/disciplines under a paid service agreement for ❗ 2021 ❗ .

Send us your CV/resume and presentation until January 20.

Waiting for you on January 22 in 87B Abay Street. ⠀

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? Whatsapp: +7(705) 42 63 396⠀

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The selection of lecturers will take place according to the following disciplines:

  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Organization of project offices’ work
  • Communication management (communication strategy of state bodies, orientation to the consumer of public services)
  • Skills of the official text and subscription (in the state language).
  • Anti-corruption culture and integrity
  • Implementation of state policy in the region
  • Development of local government and self-government
  • Budget planning.
  • Effective communication skills (public speaking, crisis communication, negotiation, time management)
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Regional policy: tools for building a strong region
  • Development of local government and self-government
  • Development of training programs of disciplines of retraining courses
  • Efficiency and optimization of business processes in the akimat of the rural district (in Russian).
  • Business etiquette and a positive image of a civil servant (in the state language)
  • Performance and management of public services (in the state language)
  • The algorithm of actions of a civil servant in emergencies (natural disasters, fires, anti-terror) (in Russian)
  • Accounting and reporting in state bodies (in Russian)
  • Public procurement: biddings, tenders, auctions (in Russian)
  • Strategic planning and budgeting (training in the state language)
  • Official writing and document preparation in the state language (Official subscription and preparation of documents in the state language (in the state language).
  • Organization of military registration in state and non-state organizations (in Russian).
  • Management of budget processes in the local government system. (language of instruction-Russian
  • Women’s leadership (in the state language).
  • Coaching: effective methods of self-development (in the state language).
  • Activities transformation of a public authority (in Russian)
  • State policy in the field of regulation of land relations (in Russian)
  • Procedure for consideration and imposition of administrative fines (in Russian)
  • Local self-government: the basis for the integrated development of the territory (in the state language).
  • Anti-corruption management and compliance. Anti-corruption expertise (in the state language).
  • Public procurement: biddings, tenders, auctions (in Russian)
  • Performance management of public services (in Russian)
  • Human resources management and organization management (in Russian)
  • Document flow: official and business letter (in the state language).
  • Strategic management and leadership. (in Russian)
  • Official correspondence and preparation of documents in the state language (in the state language)
  • State policy of public consent and national unity (in Russian)
  • Development of skills for prevention of professional burnout and stress resistance (in the state language).
  • Rules of professional communication: negotiations and conflict resolution (in the state language).
  • Accounting and reporting in state bodies (in Russian)
  • Hearing state. Effective communication (in the state language)